Skyline Arboretum with Fountain, New York, NY

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About the project

Located in New York, the rooftop is subdivided by a home office space and separate residential area. The terrace conversion introduces elements that create a multifunctional green roof and arboretum. A steppable green walkway, laced with thyme, is positioned between a diverse range of perennials and provides access to both spaces. Selection of the vegetation was inspired by the client’s French Alp origins. Informal raised Bosque planters contain thirteen different species of trees, which are strategically placed throughout the terrace. Paper Birch, Swamp Oak, Purple Beech. Swiss Pine, Larch, Quaking Aspen, Black Willow and European Hornbeams line the arboretum, supported by a system of drainage mats and filter fabric.


On the north terrace there is a designed sculptural fountain by renowned French artist Serge Besançon. This soothing focal element, with its patinaed copper centerpiece flanked by two monolithic granite slabs atop a two-tiered water basin with Mexican beach pebbles, contributes to a sublime occurrence in the garden, set against the astounding Manhattan skyline.

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