Evening with Lucia Papčová: Sixteen Unseen Moments

    • 4th October 20164/10/16

    Lucia Papčová, Still from installation “Spring after 33 years”, 2015

    New York – We are pleased to invite you to join us at 6pm on Thursday, October 13, for an evening with the artist Lucia Papčová. Held at our studio at 648 Broadway, #804, Lucia will give a talk and personal tour of her latest work “Sixteen Unseen Moments.”

    Known for her dual examination of landscape as a place for action and material for an image of represented reality, Lucia’s latest series specifically examines the relationship between spatial awareness and landscape through different mediums.

    “I woke up in a valley” is composed of four interactive video installations that infuse photography and objects, found and donated. Separately, each individual installation is not only prepared with the assistance of the person who performs it, but also merges recollections of “life-changing” moments in the person’s life through an experiential approach. It should also be noted that these moments remain hidden from the viewers, and this results in a total immersion into the unknown.

    To RSVP to the event, please email or call 212-268-3628.

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