The Making of an Everlasting Garden

  • 22nd November 201722/11/17

We’ve been working around the clock for the past two weeks on a very special urban terrace “garden” that requires no water, fertilizer, or even sun for that matter! To accommodate our client’s request for a “no maintenance” garden, our team implemented a planting scheme comprised of entirely UV-resistant faux vegetation supported by a hidden network of mesh, fasteners, wood frames, and concrete bases. 

There are two points of entry; from the living room and from the master bedroom. As the primary focal point of the apartment, the living room’s glass wall with sliding door opens to a varied composition of geometric planter boxes, contemporary saucer pots, and cascading faux shrubs to complement the view beyond. On this side of the terrace, there is suitable space for entertaining guests and bringing out garden furniture in the spring, and it is here that sunset views west can be most appreciated. Medium and low-height evergreens were selected for the narrow profile edge planters, which maximize walking space without impeding any panoramic views of the city skyline from inside.

The bedroom extension is matted with artificial turf to create a comfy green surface to step out onto. In this cozy corner, topiary boxwood and clambering vines were installed to texturize and add warmth to the space (even during the cooler months). For further privacy, including the bedroom window, a faux 6’ tall cypress tree and Japanese maple were erected for screening. Mexican beach pebble was also integrated as a finishing topdress throughout to create a cool, relaxed environment for terrace lounging and entertaining.

The result is an “everlasting” oasis that continually beckons inhabitants and guests alike to take a step outside. See below for some of our in-progress installation photos.

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