National Museum of Cambodia, Phnom Penh, Cambodia


About the project

Located next to the Royal Palace and adjacent the Royal University of Fine Arts in Phnom Phenh, The National Museum of Cambodia houses one of the largest collections of original Khumer Art.

Constructed 1917, the once abandoned traditional Khmer terracotta structure is now an epicenter for Cambodian culture. The National Museum of Cambodia plays an important role in modern Cambodian Society, not only functioning as an educational and historic center, but also as a religious sanctum.

A long-term master plan proposal was developed for the National Museum of Cambodia, located in Phnom Phenh. The primary focus of the master plan was to utilize the museum landscape; the excess space would be transformed to accommodate for permanent and rotating exhibitions.


The manipulation of the environment is aimed at encouraging a socially dynamics. A primary feature of the proposal is the introduction of an amphitheater, inspired by the weathered stone formations at Angkor Watt. The amphitheater would act as a living interpretive exhibit, and promote the creation of interactive dialogue between visitors and the museum.

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