Longchamp Facade on Madison Avenue, New York, NY

About the project

An elegant, naturalistic composition of faux trees and various plants was designed to adorn the facade of the Madison Avenue storefront of Longchamp, the French luxury fashion company. Undulating woody vines weave in and out of the green wall, forming the underlying armature for a lush tapestry of emergent shrubs, vines, and ferns. Dynamically juxtaposed to the sleek modern architecture of the store, this intervention provides a verdant visual oasis in the urban surroundings year-round, attracting the views of passerbys while also underlining the exclusivity of the Longchamp brand. The second part of this project is a terrace visible from the interior business offices located above the store.


The ground surface of the converted terrace was conceived as an abstracted river course, rendered in recycled blue glass aggregate, and surrounded by areas of light, riverine pebble. Reflecting mirrors optically expand and multiply the composition, providing an unconventional take on a classic landscape vista.

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