Hudson Vista, New York, NY

Hudson Vista

About the project

The wrap-around terrace offers a panoramic view of the Hudson River. Because the space is trapezoidal, a series of low powder-coated aluminum planters have been arranged en masse to form a sequence of consistently regular rooms, with a variety of sitting arrangements. To institute a visual rhythm in the foreground of the vista, tall planters hold globe boxwoods conceal intersections of the terrace’s oblique angles. On the northern border, the mushroom vents are wrapped with glass ‘sails’ providing a sculptural element that responds formally to the nautical vessels in the river below. Beyond the sculptural vent screens is the largest of the four sitting areas, furnished with a wrap-around sofa and nestled beneath a cantilevered umbrella.


A challenge of the project was to tastefully conceal the mushroom vents. A strategic plan was devised to combine powder-coated aluminum ‘hulls’ with acid-washed glass ‘sails’. The shrubbery and vegetation soften these elements, creating a harmonious environment that responds to the site’s context.

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