Centennial Paddlevilion

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About the project

For Louisville’s Centennial Festival of Riverboats, an international design competition was held for temporary pavilion structures.  Submissions were received from 16 countries and twenty of the United States, offering a unique survey of contemporary design trends from across the globe.

The CDL/G entry, in collaboration with Chris Teeter of Metamechanics, received first place for the people’s choice award. This award was chosen by visitors at the Brown-Forman gallery at the Kentucky Museum of Art and Crafts in Louisville where all the entries were on display.


An exercise in Parametric Post-Modernism, “Centennial Paddle-vilion” expresses its continued relevance as both design mechanism and cultural icon. As such, the paddle wheel, the riverboat’s definitive feature, serves as the structural and aesthetic foundation for this pavilion proposal.

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