Welcome to CDL/S, formerly CDL/G

  • 11th October 201611/10/16

We’re pleased to share that we’re taking an exciting step forward in our synergistic approach to landscape design and art with the announcement of our new company name Christian Duvernois Landscape/Studio (CDL/S)! 

The gallery, which has seen a substantial amount of success in the exploration of environmentally-themed art over a variety of media since spring 2014, is now an art design and advisory think tank specializing in classical, contemporary, and ecologically-conscious works of art for exterior use. This re-energized focus on landscape art shall supplement and intersect with our landscape architectural projects, thereby enhancing the experiential and ethereal qualities of both.

This progression, which draws upon years of experience in art acquisition and commissioning as well as technical proficiency in outdoor material performance and construction, will see us venture beyond the realm of conventional art galleries or acquisition firms into a uniquely concentrated landscape art studio. We shall advise on collections management, sourcing, negotiation, purchase, and documentation. Furthermore, collaborations between our network of acclaimed artists and team of in-house landscape designers shall produce limited editions of artists’ garden elements and furnishings, as well as novel installations of site-specific landscape art works.

To commemorate this step forward, we’ve also redesigned the interior of the office! If you’d like to learn more or to schedule a studio appointment, please contact: or 212.268.3628


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