Design Concept: Planter Inside Table

    • 20th June 201720/06/17

    Our transdisciplinary landscape architecture studio acts as a gateway– exploring how landscape art can intersect with livable outdoor spaces to enhance the overall user’s experience.

    For a residential terrace, we enlisted New York-based artist, Ivan Stojakovic, to design a functional outdoor table that captures this juncture between landscape and art. Forming an intentional interplay between natural vegetation and architectural form, this lightweight concrete piece integrates a hidden soil basin beneath the tabletop to provide small shrubs or succulents with sufficient area for root growth and drainage. The bold semi-hexagonal pattern reflects the dichotomy between materials natural and man-made, highlighting Ivan’s concern of nature making a come back into the “cracks” of our industrial and contemporary cities. This shape also aids in allowing multiple people to be spaced equally and, in turn, dine comfortably.

    Ivan has also crafted a series of tables from reclaimed wood boards for interior use utilizing preserved plants. Please see his website for more details.

    Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 1.51.32 PM (2)

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