CDL/S one of New York Mag’s “City’s Best”

    • 14th October 201614/10/16

    NY Magazine

    We are delighted to share that our Skyline Arboretum project has been featured in the Fall 2016 / Winter 2017 special issue of New York Magazine’s  “Design Hunting”, available on stands now!

    Design Editor Wendy Goodman highlighted 12 endeavors that exude the inventive visual style of New York. For Goodman, the Skyline Arboretum accomplished a very distinctive design requirement; it is a multifunctional green roof and arboretum carefully designed to inspire a sense memory. As Goodman puts it, “[the client] had a Proustian requirement — a remembrance of greenery past, if you will.”

    Thus, a melting pot of vegetation inspired by the French Alps, including European Hornbeams, Larch and Swiss Pine, were infused with natives from Normandy, like Purple Beech. To reflect the Rhône, which flows through southeastern France, a sculptural copper relief fountain by renowned French artist Serge Besançon was set amidst a green walk way lined with thyme, chamomile, sedum, raised Bosque planters and towering Black Willows – all of which create a private sanctuary in stark contrast from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan’s streets below.
    Read the full article on p. 71 of New York Magazine’s Fall 2016 / Winter 2017 edition of “Design Hunting,” or check out their online brief/slideshow here!

    NY Mag Spread

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