CDL/S Featured on Impressive Interior Design

    • 19th July 201719/07/17

    We’re pleased to have our East Side Penthouse project included in Impressive Interior Design’s article “Rock Garden Ideas: How to Create a Rock Garden.”

    Modern rock gardens can oscillate from traditional and structured – fashioned after a Zen garden or dry landscape – to more playful interpretations to bring in splashes of color, landscape art or unique rock compositions. The CDL/S project featured in Impressive Interior Design identifies with the idea of a playful, yet contemporary adaption of a minimalist river rock bed. Positioned at the intersection of the ipé deck, artificial lawn, and the irregular bluestone path, this rock garden is centered around a plexiglass Shoji and interlaced with faux evergreens and succulents. The stones provide a serene naturalistic touch to this outdoor roof retreat.

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