A Look Inside the Musée du Louvre’s Casting Studio

  • 16th March 201716/03/17

FullSizeRender 20In January, Christian stopped by the casting studio of the Musée du Louvre in France. In this private area, artists make molds of original sculptural pieces and then create a cast by pouring material into the pre-formed mold.

Pictured left is a caster placing the finishing touches on a cast of the sculpture titled “Diana of Versailles”. Contrary to the name of the sculpture, it is actually a statue of the Greek goddess Artemis (in Latin, Diana) with a deer. Diana is fashioned as a slender, yet masculine, huntress, and in her left hand, she holds a miniature male deer whilst reaching for an arrow with her right.

In the past, we’ve had the opportunity to work with this department to commission pieces such as the sculpture of Louis XIV’s left foot and La Nymphe Arethuse. However, we are now discussing new, exciting collaborations that would include the acquisition of exclusive limited editions. 

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