CD slashAbout Christian Duvernois Studio

Christian Duvernois Landscape/Studio is an established transdisciplinary art advisory studio. We specialize in classical and modern landscape art, suitable for urban, residential and commercial gardens and parks.

The Art

Drawing on a wealth of knowledge, CDL/S caters to a select clientele comprised of private and dedicated collectors of landscape art. Our studio implements a highly personalized approach; we advise on collection interest, collections-management, and manage art acquisition which includes sourcing, negotiation, purchase, and documentation.

The Location

Our studio on Broadway is open by appointment from Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm.

We will be happy to welcome you anytime. Please call us at 212.268.3628.

The Studio

The studio has evolved into a global network, which directly connects clients to renowned landscape artists. Our goal at CDL/S is to maintain client discretion and confidentiality, whilst encouraging art collection that reflects the client’s personal interests.

From The Blog

From Versailles to Manhattan: The Journey of Nymph Arethusa

From Versailles to Manhattan: The Journey of Nymph Arethusa

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Contemporary Art & Landscape

Contemporary Art & Landscape

From static paintings to mutable sculptures, the landscape leaves a lasting impression on international contemporary art. An intricate relationship connects contemporary art with the larger outdoor landscape. These two realms, while they have their own founding principles, extract larger meaning from each other when united. Art historian Barbara Matilsky, speaks about the direction of modern […]

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