Urban Farming in the West Village

  • 19th August 201619/08/16

Residents of New York are increasingly looking towards urban farming techniques as an alternative to the global agricultural business model. Consequently, our firm is invested in eco-social design practices whereby functionality and urban agriculture intersect.

This West Village rooftop and ground-level courtyard is an excellent example of this. By carefully positioning planters throughout both areas, with distinctive round forms signifying those planters which are for growing edibles, we have not only created uniquely-programmed alcoves  but also enabled all residents to have access to fresh, organic produce.

For the relatively small square footage dedicated to these kitchen gardens (not nearly as extensive as true urban farms), it does offer residents a surprisingly wide selection of goods. For the rooftop garden, one can harvest strawberries, blackberries, basil and tomatoes, and for the more shaded courtyard, bell peppers, peaches, figs, and rosemary were ideal choices.

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