Hamptons Rustic Revival

  • 1st September 20171/09/17

To revitalize the outdoor living potential of a property in the Hamptons, we’ve recently completed the installation of several custom-designed cedar structures, including all-new pool fencing, arbors, and a comfortably-sized pergola, as well as two new stone-top outdoor kitchen stations.

For an intentionally aged and rustic appearance, rough sawn knotty cedar wood was used in all structures to achieve a vernacular look. Diagonal accents across both the pool fencing and pergola evoke a farmstead feel, in addition to providing structural bracing. The pergola, soon to support the colonization of American Wisteria overhead, covers an extension of paved patio stone along with a new barbecue counter and outdoor entertainment room, complete with speakers and an outdoor TV. Meanwhile, elsewhere on the property, a dedicated grilling station houses a larger built-in barbecue along with an egg-shaped smoker for more serious cookouts. A premeditated medley of native flowering perennials is planned to drift in and out of the cedar pool fence with nearly invisible black wire mesh backing, augmenting the visually pliable barrier even further. Taken together, these new site features coalesce to create a quaint and lasting country home bringing back memories of the old Hamptons.

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